Meet Lori Cao, Founder




A bit about Lori’s background…

My career began 15 years ago teaching valuable DBT life skills to adults and teens in an intensive outpatient program. It was rewarding to help individuals learn how to manage life more successfully, achieve their goals, and build a life worth living.

When offered an opportunity to teach DBT skills in a new context, I joined a co-occurring addiction treatment program providing group and individual therapy to adults starting on a path of recovery from substance abuse and trauma.

As my understanding of the interconnectedness of addiction and trauma deepened, I pursued the EMDR certification to help clients loosen the bonds and heal trauma at the core of addiction and betrayal trauma.  Clients share EMDR offers hope for a fuller, happier life and relationships. 

Private practice became an interest, and consequently, I joined a practice dedicated to working with couples. It was a tremendous honor to support individuals and couples as they found healing and developed stronger, more satisfying connections.  

I founded Modern Counseling Group in order to provide an effective and efficient counseling approach for individuals and couples who want to recover from sex addiction, infidelity, betrayal trauma, complex trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, as well as grief and loss.

In my downtime, I enjoy traveling to sunny locations, spending time with loved ones, and blazing trails through the woods on horseback. Nature is healing and spending regular time outdoors is an integral part of balancing my career with my personal life.   

In addition to my clinical work, I am an EMDR expert as an EMDRIA and Trauma Recovery//HAP approved consultant, facilitator, and EMDRIA approved trainer.  I provide EMDR consultation to clinicians incorporating the resolution of trauma into their treatment plans and agencies.

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