Meet Our Therpists

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”  -Aristotle

My name is Abigale Layman. I am a Clinical Graduate Intern, completing a MS as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a passion for working with individuals and couples to support their growth and learning of skills to achieve lifelong benefits. My therapy focuses are on sex addiction, healthy sexuality, trauma, PTSD, and end-of-life care. It is  an honor to work with military, first responders, and the geriatric populations. I strive to meet each client with acceptance, without judgment, and support clients with understanding their unique situation, valuing their experience, as they build skills and achieve goals for a healthier life. 

I ascribe to the notion that hope is important. It sustains one through tolerating and learning from the difficulties of life, and  increasing a commitment to reach your goal while walking one towards achieving internal peace and acceptance. Often, I have found and embrace humor as a wonderful companion to aid in this mission. The perspectives I utilize include Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy coupled with a person-centered existential approach to put the client at the focus and accept who they are.

I currently hold a BA in History, although in my free time, I can be found with a good cup of tea and a good historical fiction novel. If not that, then I am likely out in nature or tending to my ever-growing plant and pottery collection. I identify as a Christian counselor but welcome those of all spiritual and religious backgrounds and beliefs. I strive to be curious and humble to aid in treatment and to understand who my clients are and their backgrounds, as well as respect cultural experiences.