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What our clients share about us…

MCG therapists specialize in complex trauma, sex addiction, betrayal trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss.  We are dedicated to supporting our clients using the highest level of clinical care. Please see client feedback below.

“Working with Modern Counseling Group has been life changing. I have never felt so safe, and not judged. I was worried about opening up secrets that were creating shame for me, but in our sessions I’ve learned to be a more authentic and open person.”

“I feel grateful that I found my therapist at MCG. Anxiety is something that I have struggled with for years and learning actual tools, with my therapist’s support, I am finally FINALLY able to live a life without so much worry and stress - a huge relief.”

“Sex addiction felt like the worst thing I could admit to, I was living a separate life causing so much pain to my wife. I had never attended therapy before and was nervous about the process and if it would even help with my compulsive thoughts and sexual choices. From my first session with Modern Counseling Group, it was clear that my therapist was an expert in this and that they had a focused plan to help me. It also meant a lot to me to not feel judged as I went through my therapy sessions.”

“As a betrayed spouse, I was angry about attending therapy - I did not create this mess, why should I have to attend therapy? Thankfully, with MCG's support, I found the value in working with a trauma informed therapist, a therapist not only trained in sex addiction, but also truly knowledgeable and sensitive to the trauma that betrayed spouses' experience. I am forever grateful.”

“We were struggling in healing from betrayal in our marriage. It felt like we kept going in endless circles, never really communicating, or moving forward. Thankfully, with our therapist's help, we were able to finally learn methods to listening and truly understanding each another. We never thought we could have a relationship like this and are very happy that we made the choice to get the support we needed.”

We are here to support your healing, and you are welcome to reach out to us today.

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