EMDR Trauma Therapy

Effective, Efficient & Evidence-based

EMDR Therapy: The Gold Standard for Trauma Reduction

When clients ask what EMDR is, we share that EMDR is a brain therapy that helps the client safely access the

trauma experience and reprocesses the experience with guided support in a focused way. Through EMDR

therapy, trauma symptoms are reduced so the person is not impacted by the emotional responses they’ve been

struggling with, while having relief from feelings of fear, anger, hurt, and terror. EMDR therapy helps the client

reprocess the trauma so their brain understands the traumatic experience happened in the past. This way the

client is no longer living their life hijacked by fear and anxiety. Instead, their brain now understands the trauma is

no longer happening in real-time. Clients share that EMDR is a life-changing experience, and often find relief

within the first few sessions. The brief video below will provide further information.

“EMDR was completely new to me. After my divorce I was in so much trauma, my sleep was disturbed, I was anxious all the time. I was surprised at how much better I felt after a handful of sessions.”

“The day I found out that my husband had betrayed me was the worst day of my life. Doing EMDR therapy along with regular therapy sessions helped me heal and I was no longer a prisoner to thoughts, fears, and anger that held me captive. I was able to get my head above water so that I could focus on my own healing and goals.”

“At the root of my sex addiction was childhood trauma I had buried deep. Working with my EMDR therapist helped me tame the triggers that were fueling my acting out behaviors. As my therapist explained, the trauma was no longer driving the addiction bus and I was finally on my road to recovery.”


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