Modern Counseling Group therapists specialize in helping people heal from sexual compulsivity and work with both the addict in recovery, the betrayed partner, or the healing couple.  

We also work with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and grief. 

Before setting up your first assessment session, we ask all potential new clients to review these frequently asked questions to ensure we are the right therapists for this chapter of your healing journey.

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with people struggling with sexual compulsivity, porn addiction, and betrayed partners, as well as couples.  We provide group therapy for recovering addicts and a separate group for betrayed partners. We also work with depressed and anxious individuals, or people in need of grief counseling.

What does sex addiction recovery therapy entail?
What if I am not a client who is dealing sex addiction or betrayal trauma?

Along with our primary specialization, we are also trained as trauma therapists and utilize EMDR therapy which is the gold standard treatment for trauma. The types of complex trauma we treat are as follows:

  1. Adults dealing with early childhood trauma
  2. Relationship trauma
  3. Grief and loss
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. PTSD
I am an anxious and/or a depressed person, do you also work with clients with anxiety or depression?

Yes, we are trained to work with clients struggling with anxiety and/or anxiety disorders, and depressive disorders.

What are your fees?

Beginning January 1, 2024, the first assessment session, listed as the Initial Intake, is $300 for 60 minutes. Once you are scheduled for an initial session, an email is sent with instructions on how to access your secure client portal where you will find your client documents to be completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to session. This allows time for your therapist to review the information in preparation to support you. Subsequent session fees are as follows: Individual session is $250 for 50 minutes; Couples session is $250 for 50 minutes; Group therapy is $65 per person per 90 minute group.

Do you offer free consultation prior to therapy?

My schedule does not allow for free consultation meetings. However, I provide a very detailed description of my experience, therapy style, and support on this website that my clients found helpful prior to working with me. I am confident that what I have outlined here, and on my services page and about page will answer all of your questions. You are welcome to email Info@ModernCounselingGroup.com  if you have further questions after reviewing the website.

Is the first assessment session a paid session?

Yes, all sessions are paid sessions, however if you are dealing with a serious financial crisis, we can discuss a sliding scale. Additionally, we have pre-licensed therapist interns who provide support for a reduced session fee. Interns are supervised by highly experienced and licensed therapists who work closely with each intern during the counseling process.

Do you accept insurance?

Our therapists are fee for service providers and are not on insurance panels. However, we are happy to provide clients with a receipt for services commonly called a “superbill”. The client is welcome to submit this to their insurance company for possible partial reimbursement depending upon the insurance company’s policies. This works well for clients who would like to pay out of pocket. We suggest you contact your insurance company to verify your insurance benefits and the reimbursement policy. Our therapists do not work directly with insurance companies on behalf of clients.

How long does therapy last?

Each client and couple’s therapy process is unique, there is no one size fits all.  Some clients will meet weekly and therapy goals can be accomplished within a few months. Other clients, depending upon their circumstances and challenges, along with their motivation, may work with their therapist for a longer period of time. Still others prefer to meet bi-monthly vs. weekly which impacts the length of therapy. After your first assessment session, we will provide you with what is called a Good Faith Estimate which will be tailored toward your specific needs.

What does the first assessment session entail?

A first assessment session will provide you with the opportunity to share why you are seeking therapy, what your current challenges are, as well as your therapy goals. There will be therapy-directed questions, resources discussed, and a referral is given if your therapist feels that a different level of care or type of support would be best for you depending upon where you are in your healing journey. Trust and rapport are vitally important in the therapeutic relationship, and it is of utmost importance to each therapist that (s)he is the right fit for each and every client we are honored to support.

I’d like to get started, what are the next steps?

Please email us at Info@ModernCounselingGroup.com for either individual therapy, couples counseling, or group therapy. We will respond to you within 48 hours, and, depending upon your needs and our availability, we will then schedule a day and time for your assessment session that works for you. Once your assessment session is scheduled, you will be directed to the forms information. Once the forms are completed, you’ll be all set.