Modern Counseling Group’s 

Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program

Welcome, the following information discusses Modern Counseling Group’s (MCG)  specialized Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program (FD-IOP). This is designed for couples navigating the complexities of sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma. Recognizing the profound challenges and trauma that accompany such journeys, as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Certified Partner’s Trauma Therapist, Lori Cao, licensed therapist and founder of MCG is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance.

The FD-IOP is for clients who are either:

  1. Currently working with a therapist at MCG, or
  2. Couples who have been referred to the Modern Counseling Group IOP by their primary therapist(s) who do not specialize in sex addiction or betrayal trauma. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: MCG does not accept clients/couples into the Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program if both individuals are not working with their own individual therapists. Thus, each person in the coupleship must have a primary therapist that they are currently working with.

A Note For Referring Therapists

We warmly welcome referrals from non-specialized therapists seeking expert support for their clients who would like to go through the MCG Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient program. Our FD-IOP offers a collaborative platform where we work closely with the referring primary therapist, ensuring comprehensive care, integrated treatment planning, clear communication, and collaborative team work to support healing for couples navigating sex addiction and betrayal trauma.

The Formal Disclosure IOP does not replace individual therapy as we respect the referring therapist’s role as the client’s primary therapist. The MCG FD-IOP is an adjunct, temporary support to the excellent clinical work you are doing with your client. 

If the Formal Disclosure IOP would be helpful to a client or couple you are currently working with, you are welcome to contact Lori Cao here. Together, we can help your client pave the path towards renewed trust, intimacy, and connection. The following information is provided so that you can learn more about how we can support your client on this transformative journey.

Please read the following information to learn more about the Modern Counseling Group Formal Disclosure – Intensive Outpatient Program.

What is Formal Disclosure? 

The purpose of the Full Disclosure IOP is to offer the betraying partner in recovery, the betrayed partner, and the respective therapists who are supporting the recovering individuals a short-term level of clinical support which focuses on Formal Disclosure. The FD IOP is provided as a therapy support in addition to working weekly with your individual therapists, 12 step, and attending therapy groups as part of their treatment plan outlined by their therapists. The FD IOP therapist collaborates with the individual therapists in supporting the couple through the Formal Disclosure process.

Why is Formal Disclosure Important?

Formal Disclosure provides an important opportunity for the betraying person to take full ownership with transparency, rigorous honesty, truthfulness, and vulnerability with the person they have betrayed. This process often fosters an environment for healing and recovery for the relationship. Without full honesty, the person who has been betrayed may not be able to move forward, especially if years of deception or gaslighting have been part of the relationship wound. The MCG Formal Disclosure IOP aims to support the couple in achieving and improving their overall well-being, as a first step towards rebuilding honesty and respect, which begins with ownership and transparency on the part of the betraying partner. 

Clinical Specialization

Due to the challenges of sex addiction, betrayal trauma, and formal disclosure, it is important to work with a therapist who has been trained and certified in this complex specialization, including the Formal Disclosure process. Our program is spearheaded by licensed therapist, and the founder of MCG, Lori Cao, who is an experienced CSAT and CPTT. Lori is dedicated to addressing the intricate nuances of sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma. At MCG, we understand the sensitivity, pain, and trauma involved, ensuring a safe and empathetic environment for both partners to move through the Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program.


IMPORTANT NOTE: MCG does not accept clients/couples into the Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program if both individuals are not working with their own individual therapists. Thus, each person in the coupleship must have a primary therapist that they are currently working with. 

MCG FD-IOP Program Overview & Information

There are several preparation steps for MCG’s Formal Disclosure Intensive Outpatient Program:

Website Questionnaire: Each couple must first complete the online pre-FD IOP questionnaire located here. This will be reviewed by Lori Cao. 

Consultations with Individual/Primary Therapists: The information on the website questionnaire will determine if MCG’s FD-IOP is the right support for the couple, as each couple’s challenges and presenting issues are unique. If the MCG FD-IOP is the right support, the next step is Lori Cao will set up consultations with each of the individual therapists.

Comprehensive Assessment Prep Meeting: Once the individual therapist consultations have been completed, your first FD IOP Couple’s Prep Session will be scheduled where you will meet with Formal Disclosure therapist Lori Cao to go through a thorough assessment to understand the unique dynamics, concerns, and history of the couple. This helps tailor the intervention strategies, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Guided IOP Formal Disclosure: After the initial FD IOP Prep Assessment Meeting, you will then be guided through various tasks, assignments, and worksheets to complete to prepare for the Formal Disclosure IOP program. Some of this work will be assigned for you to complete with your individual therapist. 

Collaborative Approach: During the MCG FD IOP process, we believe in fostering collaboration and open communication with each individual in the coupleship, and with their primary therapists. While we guide and facilitate, we prioritize involving both partners in the FD IOP process, promoting honesty, transparency, respect, mutual understanding, empathy, and growth.

Clinical Team Approach: Your MCG FD-IOP Therapist will work with your individual therapist in order to coordinate care as a support to your healing journey. Clear communication between the treatment team members is essential. 

If you are a client whose primary therapist has referred you to the MCG FD-IOP, your first step is to complete this pre-assessment questionnaire here.

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